Do you need Super Visa in Canada?

Do you need Super Visa in Canada? Do you wish your parents or grandparents accompany you in Canada? Your dream can be fulfilled easily. The super visa allows parents and grandparents to visit Canada for uptown 2 years without having to renew their status every 6 months. It is a multiple entry visa with expiry date up-to 10 years. The application can be made online or on paper to get parents and grandparents super visa. This visa is applicable for parents and grandparents of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. For Super Visa in Canada, Chopra Immigration is your ultimate option.

Family Size Minimum Necessary Income
1 person (your child or grandchild) $25,921
2 persons $32,270
3 persons $39,672
4 persons $48,167
5 persons $54,630
6 persons $61,613
7 persons $68,598
8 persons $75583
9 persons $82568
10 persons $89553

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