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9 January, 2022

Study Permit in Canada: How to get a Canadian Study Permit?

Study Permit in Canada

Canada has always been on the wish list of the students who are making their mindset for studying abroad. Here, you will know about the Study Permit in Canada.

No doubt it is one of the ideal countries for higher education purposes. One major reason is that most Canadian universities hold international rankings. Besides this Canadian Ministry also stresses too much on welcoming international students to their country. 

student permit is a document that does permit foreign nationals for studying in reputed colleges/ universities in Canada. Thus, it is a quite necessary document that anyone requires for studying in Canada.

But don’t think a study permit in Canada is a visa for the country. This shall in no case allows you to enter the country. It only works as permission for studying in the colleges & university of Canada. If you are a beginner moving to Canada for the first time then you might find the whole process a little complex and difficult.

It happens on a large basis that application for Canadian study permit gets rejected. Hence, students find the whole process a bit longer and turn out to be a difficult procedure. So here, we are going to learn about the process of obtaining a Canadian study permit.

You need to follow below steps for obtaining a Canadian study permit:

  • Applying for the study permit before coming to Canada
  • You need to visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website
  • Before applying do fetch a letter of acceptance from a designated Canadian college/university
  • Make sure you apply online for the study permit as the offline applications do take a longer time
  • While applying online make sure you have a debit/credit card for further processing
  • You may also visit the visa application center (VAC) for any kind of inquiry

Above is the kind of summary procedure for obtaining a Canadian student permit in Canada. Let’s dive into an elaborate procedure of the same: –

  • Procuring a standardized letter of acceptance from a reputed institution is necessary. If the student is studying in Quebec, then obtain CAQ from the government of Quebec. All this you can complete online where you may print out the form of the same.
  • The second step involves getting a Canadian student visa application package. You can complete the process from the CIC website, or the Canadian embassy, or the consulate of the home country.
  • You must also answer a few questions being asked about the candidate on the CIC website. All these questions are related to the candidate’s eligibility to obtain a permit.
  • If a candidate is found eligible then they shall receive the personal checklist code which shall be valid for 60 days. The page shall also act as the application guide. Estimated tuition fees amount, required documents to be submitted and future guidelines are being mentioned on it.
  • Do create a MyCIC account where the candidate shall enter the personal checklist code. This shall further allow you to upload documents to CIC. Use a scanner for the same.

Once the documents and application form are ready and the candidate has submitted the fees then submit to complete application to CIC.

Few candidates may have to pass the interview held at the local visa office. Though it is not mandatory for every candidate.


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