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8 August, 2021

How to Calculate Work Experience For Canadian Immigration

How to Calculate Calculate in CRS Calculator

So, you’ve been planning on immigrating to Canada! Understandable! Canada has consecutively been ranked as one of the best countries to live in. Working in Canada comes with a greater standard of living and a more convenient and comfortable one at that.

The crime rate is very low, which translates to greater peace of mind as a citizen! The weather is overwhelmingly pleasant, and the picturesque scenarios everywhere make Canada a very beautiful country!

What are the benefits, you ask? First, Canada provides free healthcare to all its citizens and immigrants! Besides that, the citizens and immigrants of Canada get free education for their children up to the age of eighteen.

Even after the age of eighteen, if the children wish to carry on with further higher education, the Canadian Government provides discounts for that as well! See!

There are sufficient reasons for Forbes to declare Canada as one of the best countries to live in! I know, I know! You’ve already done your research on how beautiful a country Canada is!

You’re here because you want to know what the criteria are to be able to work in Canada! Well! There is something called the CRS calculator. CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System.

Now see, there are a huge number of people that wish to immigrate to Canada every single year. Canada, as a country, however, can accommodate a certain number of immigrants each year.

Although that number is pretty large at 300,000, skilled candidates who can obtain permanent residency in Canada through the Express Entry Pool system are limited to two thousand. In order to rank all immigration candidates, the Canadian Government has come up with a merit-based point system that assigns a score to each candidate in the Express Entry Pool. This points system is exactly what we call the CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System! Now, what is the Express Entry Pool system? It is one particular way of immigrating to Canada. It is an immigration option that selects skilled workers for immigration to Canada!

Main Question Now: How to calculate the CRS score in CRS Calculator?

The CRS is no exam! All the points are assigned based on the credentials submitted by the candidate during the time of creating a profile in the Pool. There are a few important factors that the express entry calculator takes into account in order to calculate the score of each candidate! The factors are:

  • Core Human Capital
  • Accompanying a common-law partner or spouse
  • Transferability of Skill
  • Factors relating to a nomination from a province, a qualifying offer of prearranged employment, study experience in Canada, a relative in Canada, and the ability to speak the French language.


Express Entry Canada Immigration

The Express Entry Calculator assigns a certain amount of points for each of the different factors.
There are a number of different factors under the Core Human Capital.

With these, the maximum an individual can score is a total of 500 points. Transferability of skills is another aspect based on which a candidate could score a maximum of 100 points.

Now, for this last one, there is a little twist! The express entry calculator could either offer a total of 600 points for a provincial nomination, or it could offer a maximum of 200 points for qualified pre-employment nomination coupled with a maximum of 30 points for academic experience in Canada and a maximum of 50 points for the ability to speak French besides being fluent in English!

When it comes to candidates who have an accompanying common-law partner or spouse, the CRS calculator does the calculations a little differently.

Although it is not as if the entire pattern of assigning points changes, the difference is that the points are not only assigned based on the factors of an individual candidate but on their common-law partner or spouse as well!

In the factors of the Core Human Capital, the candidate can obtain a maximum of 460 points, while their partner is assigned up to a maximum of 40 points. The rest is all the same!

Well, it wasn’t that complicated after all! Right? So, while you make your profile for the Express Entry Pool, make sure that you put in all the necessary details.

Think very carefully and consider all the options that can increase your CRS score. The cut-off for the CRS is 533 points. So it is important to incorporate as many favorable factors as possible to increase the overall score!

One good tip would be to see if you can get a Provincial nomination Program. With a PNP, the Express Entry Calculator would be assigning 600 points straight away! If you have a spouse, do try and manage that extra 40 points! All the best!


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