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8 July, 2021

3 Ways To Get A Canadian Temporary Resident Permit

Canada is a well-liked location for immigrants, visitors, businessmen, and for work as well. Canada is a great place to travel to, work in, and settle down. Because of its stunning scenery, its abundance of job possibilities, and liberal government. Making a temporary move to Canada has a lot of advantages. In this article, you will know 3 ways to get Temporary Resident Permit in Canada.

Several temporary residency permits in Canada give foreigners the same privileges and rights as Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Before deciding to immigrate permanently, temporary residency visas let you explore and get a full experience of Canada.

Additionally, if you’ve been residing in Canada and engaged in specific activities, like working, your possibilities of being able to immigrate are increased. These are the 3 most effective ways to obtain a Temporary Resident Permit for Canada.

Visit Canada

If you love to travel or you have a dream of visiting Canada, then I think you must need to pack your bags now. A passionate traveler will find Canada to be quite rewarding.

It has large cities, national parks, stunning natural scenery, cutting-edge technology, a lot of free, unrestricted space, and absolutely wonderful people. There are numerous ways to go to Canada, depending on your nation.

A visitor’s visa can typically be obtained from your home nation by completing an online application or a hardcopy application.

A visiting visa or visitor visa, which is often referred to as a Canada Temporary Resident Permit, will be stamped into your passport. Once your application for one has been approved.

It demonstrates your authorization for entry into Canada. It mostly lasts for six months, and if you want to stay a bit longer, you can extend your temporary visa.

Studying in Canada

If you are considering furthering your education in Canada. You are probably aware that the post-secondary educational facilities in Canada are among the best in the world.

You will require a student visa, a study permit, or a temporary visa in order to study in Canada. The duration of your study course will determine how long your study visa will be issued.

Additionally, if you want to stay in Canada temporarily after graduating. You can renew your study permit and apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

Work in Canada

A work permit will allow you to work in Canada. This enables you to temporarily stay in Canada. Work permits have two varieties: open and employer-specific.

Open work permits: You can work anywhere in Canada. Also for any employer as long as you stay within the bounds of the law as set by the federal law.

Employer-specific permit: There are restrictions on who and where you can work with an employer-specific work permit. The latter usually needs a signed employment contract.

Depending on how long is your contract? A work visa may be issued to you for a period of one or two years.


These 3 methods will help you obtain a temporary resident permit for Canada. Now, if you want Canadian permanent residency or want a super visa in Canada. You can apply online or you can contact any Canadian immigration company.

There are many Canadian immigration agencies where you can apply for Canadian citizenship application. You can also apply for Canadian permanent residency and a super visa in Canada.


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